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School introduction

The Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and Higher Specialized School is one a few secondary and higher schools of its kind, which is focused on the fields of pop music, jazz and another forms of nontraditional art.

The education emphasizes the public performance of its students at concerts, competitions and other events which enable them to pursue their musical endeavors in the future. Outstanding students are also enabled to perform at concerts or musical productions during their studies (in specific conditions). The foreign language taught at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and Higher Specialized School is English. The school offers a limited number of out-of-town pupils accommodation in its own student residence which is connected to the school.

Those interested in the field of MUSIC have the possibility to choose these specializations:

  • Instrumental (stringed Instruments, wind Instruments, or percussion)
  • keyboard instruments with the possibility of studying the piano and accordion
  • composing and conducting

Instrumental specialization

studying the guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double-bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, or, percussion. The aim of teaching in the department is not to only lead pupils to a professional level in a chosen field, but to try to prepare them for their discipline through practice.In addition to this, pupils are enriched by the knowledge and skills of pedagogical work at various types of schools.

Specialization in keyboard instruments with the possibility of studying the piano and accordion

The well-known graduates of the department ensure future graduating students of excellent opportunities in their fields of study. Graduates of the keyboard department can continue their studies at other colleges and artistic schools. They find their places as professional musicians in classical chamber ensembles and in groups focused on jazz, rock, dance music amongst other styles and they work as tutors by contributing to pedagogical activities mostly at basic artistic schools.

Specialization in composing and conducting

An inseparable part in playing the piano, reading scores, listening to music in an analytical way, being well versed in history, aesthetics, psychology, philosophy and pedagogy. This is supported by other subjects in a six-year-study cycle provided by the department. Graduates are especially well-prepared to begin their careers as composers, conductors, musical managers or directors and in other professions.

There is the only one optional specialization in the Dramatic Arts branch of the conservatory: Musicals.

Specialization in musicals

The Musicals branch is a study program of a synthetic type. Pupils are especially focused on popular singing in addition to modern dance and acting during their six years of studies. They do school-leaving examinations in these main subjects following their first four years, and, in higher grades they study and rehearse musical scenes or entire performances. This department is very popular owing to an excellent pedagogical team and the possibilities of work opportunities due to the renown of its former graduates.

Specific conditions of admission to particular branches

The conditions of admission to the conservatory is finishing secondary school and successfully passing an audition. Our school organizes preparatory courses according to popular demand. Candidates are accepted on the basis of successfully passing interpretational, musical, and, theoretical parts of the audition.

The interpretational part allows candidates to perform with a particular musical instrument, or by singing, compositions of his/her own choice, especially in the field of jazz, pop, or classical music, and, according to their specializations a further étude, interpretative composition (sections of classical concertos or orchestral parts, jazz standards or evergreens from the field of dance and pop music) and an examination of their improvisational abilities.

The musical and theoretical part consists of a written test, a musical analysis and intonation.

The application for admission must include a brief curriculum vitae, and , in the case of having passed school-leaving examinations, a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate. Upon being admitted, the candidate is placed in the first year of fulltime studies, or, in a higher grade after passing a subsequent divergent exam.

You will find additional detailed information through contacting a particular study department.

Pupils of the above mentioned branches and specializations can pass graduate examinations after four years of study. They will receive an appropriate more specialized education in their branch with a title ‚Dis‘ at the end of six years of study when they defend a final thesis and pass their final exams. They can be candidates for university studies, as well.

Education at the Higher Specialized School

Candidates who have completed their secondary education with a school-leaving examination and who have successfully passed the conditions of the entrance examinations are accepted to study at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and Higher Specialized School. School fees are 5,000 CZK per year (to be paid half a year in advance).

There are two branches of education at the Higher Specialized School

  • music focused on jazz
  • creation of the text and script

The subject of studies of the branch “Music focused on jazz“ is playing an instrument or singing. The curriculum, supplemented by studying the basics of playing the piano, is taught individually and it is complemented by a system of theoretical subjects, which are taught in groups. Ensemble playing supports functional practice comprising all of the student’s knowledge and skills. These conditions are to be fulfilled for the admission of candidates: a school-leaving examination, the level of comprehension of an instrument on a level of a graduate (a school-leaver ) of a conservatory and style understanding and impromptu skills in a particular idiom.

A profile of a graduate of the branch “Creation of texts and scripts“ is a theoretical and practical preparation for an author’s creative activity in a wide range of genres ranging from pop-music to jazz, comedy to light dramas, in association with the world of mass media (radio, TV, news media, various publishing houses) to a field of so-called small forms and club facilities.

Teaching is focused on the connection of the word, music and shows in various genres. A student acquires the basic rules of an author’s creation and , consequently, the skill in how to reflect it. A graduate of the school in the branch “Creation of texts and scripts“ is generally prepared to be able to work as a lyricist or scriptwriter, but also as a literary manager, script editor, editor or publicist in a wide array of cultural fields.

Students will receive a higher specialized education in their branch with a title ‚Dis‘ at the end of three years of study, when they defend a final thesis and pass their final exams. They can be candidates for university studies, as well.

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